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paddle raise

Cementing Our Legacy - Securing our Future


Our goal at this year’s inaugural Golden Oak Gala is to come together to secure the future of Laguna Blanca School. Our Paddle Raise funds go directly to support the initiatives listed below. Be ready to raise your paddle after the live auction to help build up these areas of need, and make Laguna the best it can be! 


It takes an entire community to make it happen, and we greatly appreciate your generosity.

The Paddle Raise allows us to say YES to:


Campus Improvements:


  • Play Structures and outdoor recreation upgrades for both campuses.  This will be a multiyear endeavor that will require research and planning.


“Play is a central tenet of our Lower School curriculum. A dynamic new front- yard play structure would provide needed equipment upgrades to our campus, creating exciting opportunities for our students to explore, create, and grow together.” - Anna Alldredge


  • Improvements to the Victorian House.  This will include new paint, HVAC and restroom enhancements.








Technology Enhancements throughout the Hope Ranch Campus: 


  • Upper School WiFi - This multiyear endeavor will require research, planning, and implementation.

  • Complete Lower School Computer Lab so all students have access


Transportation Vans:


  • This will facilitate and enhance our Experiential learning through school trips

  • This will benefit Athletics as it increases transportation ability to games and tournaments

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Screenshot 2023-03-05 170919.png

how we made a difference in 2022

Thanks to your generosity, we raised nearly $400k for our students and school, and we have already started to move forward with the following projects:

  • Upgraded the Spaulding Theater sound system 

  • Lower School improvements with computers, instruments and outdoor tables purchased.

  • Tech infrastructure improvements in Hope Ranch. 

  • Improvements to studio art spaces (ceramics) on the upper school campus

  • Cosmetic improvements in the Library and Computer Lab

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